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Project Energy with Gestures

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Project Energy with Gestures

It makes sense that gestures make our communication more memorable and engaging. What makes a "good" gesture?
  • Gestures should go "inside- out". By moving your gestures away from your body, rather than toward it, you make your gestures appear bigger and more purposeful
  • Gestures should be above the waist. Your audience wants to see what you’re doing
  • Use a whole hand, rather than a single finger to point- open hands are considered less aggressive than an accusing finger
  • Gestures don’t have to convey exactly the subject you’re talking about. This is conversation, not interpretive dance


As someone who uses gestures naturally when I speak, I found this to be very informative. Of particular help was the distinction between open hand and pointing gestures. I speak publicy quite a bit but, I don't believe I've ever done, or seen for that matter, a gesture below the waist.
Posted @ Wednesday, February 06, 2013 3:47 PM by Mark Lane
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